Jay Dudley  

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Confidence Coaching 

Jay has been working as a therapist for over 20 years. During this time she has developed a powerful combination of techniques to help people heal the past, take charge of their lives, and create a more satisfying future.  Jay is passionate about helping free people from whatever is holding them back: 

stress and anxiety, events in the past, destructive habits, or simply raw human emotions like anger, fear or jealousy.


Treatable conditions

Smoking, overeating, habits, addictions, relationship issues, anxiety, stress, overthinking, fears and phobias, trauma, emotional baggage, self-confidence, 


What is a typical session like?
Sessions are varied, and tailored to the individual. It’s my job to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout, so you can enjoy making lasting change.  Hypnosis isn’t magic, and it’s never used to force change. It’s a safe and natural state that anyone can experience, very similar to day dreaming.  I provide you with a recording of your hypnosis so you can continue the work at home, thus keeping the number of sessions you need to a minimum.



£75 per one hour session

Includes a recording of your hypnosis to listen to at home

Cash or cards accepted


For more information or to book a FREE initial consultation contact her direct: 

07544 755986



or contact us here @ Wings Clinic;