Derryn Snowdon

Bio-resonance, T.R.E  and Life Coaching


Derryn offers alternative and complementary well-being services to support making changes in life towards a healthier you, easier. She believes that our bodies have an immense capacity to heal when given the right circumstances. She has been drawn to a number of modalities that support this approach. She offers:


Transformational Life Coaching – 1-1 and small groups both online and in person – this respects a person’s inner knowing and gives time to explore in a safe and gentle way issues and stuck-ness, which does not need to be goal oriented. This can include exploring beliefs using The Clear Beliefs Process, learning to feel the energy of emotions using Human Software Engineering, and exploring our different voices using Voice Dialogue techniques.


Neo bio-resonance therapy which was developed by Dr Ersal Isik of Neosante Istanbul. Derryn was the first to offer this work outside Turkey. Neo-Wellness personalised programmes support a detox from cravings and addictions to things such as: carbs and sugar – and so on, to lose weight; alcohol; cigarettes and other things. In person only.


T.R.E. Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises (by David Berceli PhD) – Derryn teaches TRE 1-1 and small groups, in person and online. This practice is gentle and a natural way to release stress and tension from the body. It benefits the whole person on many levels and can be a life-long self-care practice once learned.


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