Susan Thorndike


Homoeopathy treats a person who has symptoms and how they are experiencing them rather than focussing on the illness itself so it is highly individualised and personalised.


Homoeopathic medicines, called remedies, are derived from nature and work with nature to restore and enhance health and well-being.  From chemical elements homoeopaths use aluminium and phosphorus, from plants, deadly nightshade and poison ivy, from animal kingdom spider and snake venoms.  Clearly these are not given as they naturally occur but are diluted many, many times in a process called succession which includes vigorous shaking.  The inert substances are ground first until soluble. The remedies are prescribed using different scales to reflect the number of dilutions. 

Homeoepathy seeks to restore and improve healthy; physically, emotionally and mentally.


During the initial consultation the homoeopath will seek to obtain a clear picture of the patients presenting complaint, i.e. why the individual is seeking help, as well as a broader picture to enable the selection of the most closely matching remedy/remedies.  The homoeopath takes into account the appearance and demeanour of the patient as well as paying close attention to the language used to describe symptoms and significant life events. A pattern often emerges. Questions asked are general and specific.

About Susan Thorndike 

I am passionate about homoeopathy and the application of its materia medica and increasingly interested in the history of diseases and medical practices.

Following successful homoeopathic prescriptions, first from a community pharmacist and second from my then GP, I studied at the College of Homoeopathy, Regents College, London, gaining my Licentiate in 1995.

I particularly enjoyed learning the homoeopathic materia medica; the study of the origins and properties of the substances used in the practice of medicine.

I encourage my patients to take increasing responsibility for their own health, including learning how to use homoeopathic remedies in the home for minor accidents and ailments such as sprains and hayfever. As I am partially deaf all consultations will need to be in person, face to face.  Home visits will be available for those who cannot attend Wings Clinic and live within the local area.