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Elaine Stavert

Elaine Stavert Nat.Dip, NT.Dip, Cert.BBM, mRAAHT, amNNA, mFNTP, amKA, mSoN, HbT is an Associate Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist (Touch for Health), Buteyko Clinical Method Breathing Instructor, Reiki Master and Homeobotanical Therapist.


Free 20 Minute Online Discovery Chat before all Consultations

First Consultation - 2 hours

Follow Ups - 1 hour


Naturopathy is the creation of conditions that enable the body to heal itself as far as it is capable of doing.   Naturopathy recognises that there are no quick fixes to health and teaches how to take  responsibility for one’s own health.  Health problems have often taken many decades to develop and symptoms are just signs that the body is out of balance.  Naturopathy empowers clients by discovering their pathway to dis-ease, genetic predispositions, and how to bring the body back to balance.  


Elaine’s Naturopathy training included:  Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Unani (Greek) Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Homotoxicology, Iridology, Hydrotherapy, Psychosocial Skills and Oral / Dental Health.


Nutritional Therapy seeks to restore the body's vital energy through changes in diet, naturopathic cleansing techniques and correcting nutritional deficiencies.   Personalised nutritional programmes are drawn up which usually include supplements, flower essences, herbs, homotoxicology (complex homeopathy remedies) along with dietary and lifestyle changes.


Iridology can provide valuable information about the body's constitutional strengths and weaknesses, levels of inflammation and toxicity and the efficiency of the eliminatory systems and organs. Initial consultations include iris diagnosis in order to help identify possible root causes of symptoms. This is done by taking close up photographs of the iris of the eye (coloured part).


Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing helps discover and balance structural, nutritional and emotional issues as well as intolerances to foods, allergies, heavy metals (e.g., mercury, aluminium), nutritional deficiencies.  Muscle testing is included in all consultations.


Naturopathy may help support: -


  • Digestive Disorders

  • Muscle & Joint Pain

  • Anxiety, Allergies, Hormones

  • Migraines, Headaches, Fatigue

  • Sleep Problems (insomnia, sleep apnoea)

  • Respiration / Breathing (asthma, COPD)

  • Skin Problems

  • Low Immune System

  • Chronic Long Term Health Problems


Please contact Elaine directly to arrange your Free 20 Minute Discovery Chat


For more information about Elaine and her work you can visit her website or Facebook Page below;


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