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Sarah's Wellness

Sarah's Wellness is run by Sarah Freshwater, who is a trained Reiki Practitioner and Therapeutic Massage Therapist.


Sarah trained in massage over ten years ago and has also gained her 1st and 2nd Degree as a Reiki Practitioner. Initially working on a mobile basis, Sarah is delighted to be able offer treatments here at Wings Clinic for both Reiki and Therapeutic Massage.



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine that promotes healing. It is administered through a practitioner through hands-on or hands-off healing. Reiki has many benefits including stress reduction and relaxation. It helps relieve pain and balances the mind and emotions. Clients are treated fully clothed, receiving the warmth of the healing energies that Reiki brings. Crystals can also be used with Reiki to help open up our Chakras.


What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?


Massage can help to reduce stress, lessen pain and muscle tightness, increase relaxation and improve the work of the immune system. 



  • Reiki treatments are available as 30 minute and hourly sessions, with or without the use of crystals. 

  • A choice of back and shoulder massage (30 minutes) as well as full body (1 hour) massage is available to clients. 


An initial client consultation is included in all first bookings.


Why not experience the relaxation and soothing benefits of these complementary therapies - contact Sarah on 07811 665550 or email

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